Lemon Cupcake Bath Ball


You walk into a local cupcake shop. They’re right in the middle of making a fresh batch of their signature lemon cupcakes. The scent is so delightful that you begin to crave the cupcakes immediately, but there are none in the display case to purchase. If only you could convince the shop staff to let you have a taste of the batter. 
The employee leaves the room for a moment and this is your chance. You sneak a taste of the bright lemony batter and it scintillates your taste buds, you sneak another taste and soon find yourself immersed in the refreshing goodness. Then the police arrive. Try our balls instead; you’ll have the same experience of luxurious lemon without the threat of doing time. 

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate; Citric Acid; Magnesium Sulfate; Starch; Apricot Kernel Oil; Shea Butter; Coconut Oil; Fragrance Oil; Fd&C Yellow 5